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Jay Sandweiss Seminars 2007

Dear Friends,
Please note that Dr. Sandweiss will be teaching a series of courses at the
Cleveland Clinic with his friend and mentor Fred Mitchell Jr. D.O.,
F.A.A.O.  beginning February 24-25, 2007. These courses will teach the
Muscle Energy Technique System for diagnosing and treating somatic
dysfunctions throughout the entire body. The courses are described under
the Events section of his website. A Muscle Energy Technique Course for the
Extremities will also be taught  at the University of Michigan April 21-22,
Additionally, Dr. Sandweiss will be teaching courses himself in Baltimore,
Greensprings Ohio, Detroit, and Las Vegas this coming year on topics
including: Integrative Approaches to Sports Injuries and Trauma. These
courses are open to those holding licenses to treat the musculoskeletal
system. Please contact Dr. Sandweiss by e-mail at: acuomtdr@aol.com for
registration information.
Jay Sandweiss D.O.
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